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published onApril 20, 2023

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Welcome friends!

If you are someone living in the data research industry, you might have heard some CloudResearch having released THE premier participant recruitment platform for online data research.

We’ve been live now for a little bit under a year and we’ve growing organically month over month, bringing into both more researchers and participants to our community!

What you’ll find in this blog

Come join on us on this journey as we grow the Connect platform from its current stages to our goal of it becoming the top player in the space. While you will be able to learn about how to use Connect as both a Researcher and a Participant, the added bonus of keeping a close eye on this blog is being able to understand and take a peek into the technology that powers this machine.

Sticky notes

Not only do we take pride in the software engineering that we’ve accomplished on building this highly scalable platform, but we also have put in countless obsessive hours (with hand written notes scribbled and pasted on walls) to make sure that our user interface is embodies simple aesthetic perfection and that our user experience is elegantly intuitive.

A sample of what kind of topics you might find here

Coming in the next few weeks as Connect launches into public beta, stay tuned to find articles on the technology and approaches we’ve mastered to bring you this beauty, including:

  • Microsoft Blazor, the framework that powers the heart of Connect
  • tailwindcss, the layer that powers our UI/UX**
  • Cloud computing dev-ops
  • and more!
Tech glasses

In closing…

The party has just started and we’re more than thrilled that you are here with us on this journey. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished here and would love to give back and provide some fun and insightful knowledge.

The Connect Engineering Team