Let's collaborate! Introducing Connect Teams!

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published onApril 21, 2023

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Introducing Connect Teams!

Working with your colleagues on online data research used to mean shared passwords and shared accounts, which isn’t really a good idea. Instead, use Connect Teams to supercharge your collaborations!

Connect Teams is a powerful way to be able to share projects with your colleagues while maintaining your individual accounts. You can share projects between team members, control who can launch projects and spend money, and have multiple team members draw funds from one shared account rather than funding multiple separate accounts or sharing login credentials. Built in the heart of Connect, you can easily toggle to teams mode and start creating your teams right away.


Setting Up a Team and a Shared Wallet

Creating a team is as easy at it can get. Click a button, give it a name, invite other Connect members, and saved. Boom.

Giving access to your teammates is even easier - find the team project you setup, find their names in the team and decide to give them view only or full editor rights. Those who have full editor rights will be able to make edits and launch your projects on your behalf. Guess we’ll know which ones of your teammates your really trust!

One of the best features of Teams is the ability to have a shared wallet that you as the team owner can fund, but have all those teammates who have access to use to launch their projects. If you are working on a lab, no longer will you have to share a master account that holds all the funds. Not only is this more secure and efficient, but you’ll also be able to know who spent what and exactly how much.

Shared Wallet

Lab managers love this feature as they can simply just login and fund the teams that they’ve created without having to provide their login information. Future enhancements will include accounting features that will truly transform your workflow.